Is it worth repairing the air conditioning?

It's helpful to rely on a simple equation to determine if repair is a better option than replacing an air conditioning unit. Take the estimated repair cost and multiply it by the age of the unit. If that amount exceeds the cost of a new unit, it's worth doing your best to replace it. While replacing your air conditioning unit is an investment, there are several incentives that can make it worthwhile. For example, you can receive a federal tax credit for switching to a more advanced, energy efficient model.

You can also investigate discounts available in your state or municipality that may reduce the total cost of replacing your outdated air conditioning unit. If your air conditioner is less than 10 years old, well maintained and hasn't suffered any major failure, it may be best to have it repaired. Whether you're considering repairing or replacing an air conditioner or need to repair or replace a heating system, AirCo has you covered. If you have a relatively new air conditioning unit, unless the cost of repairs amounts to thousands of dollars, it rarely makes financial sense to replace it with a new one.

Now, while you can repair your unit, just like continuously spending money to repair an old car, it might be better to buy a new one at some point. If your air conditioning system is more than 10 years old and repair costs account for more than half of its value, it's unfortunately time to stop using “Old Yeller”. If you have an air conditioning system that is eight years old or older, it may not be worth repairing, unless the repair is easy to fix, such as a worn fan belt or a clogged condensing unit. An important factor to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your existing air conditioning unit is your comfort level.

If you've called in a reputable air conditioning contractor to evaluate your air conditioning unit, then you'll need to compare the cost of any repair to the age and energy efficiency of the unit. In many cases, you can repair the air conditioning system or boiler to make it work effectively. However, if your unit is less than ten years old, it's probably best to call a professional for air conditioning repair services. When it comes time to make the decision to repair or replace your air conditioning unit, age is an important factor.